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Usage Example

Create the pivot grid


The properties extend from treegrid, below is the added properties for pivotgrid.

Name Type Description Default
frozenColumnTitle string The title for the frozen column.
valueFieldWidth number The column width of the value fields. 80
valuePrecision number The precision of the value fields. 0
valueStyler function(value,row,index) The cell styler function for the value fields.
valueFormatter function(value,row,index) The cell formatter function for the value fields.
headerStyler function(title,col) The header cell styler function for the header fields.
headerFormatter function(title,col) The header cell formatter function for the header fields.
pivot object The pivot grid configuration, contains the following properties:
rows: array, the rows displayed on the left.
columns: array, the columns displayed above the grid.
values: array, the value fields displayed under the columns.
filters: array, the filters.
filterRules: object, the filter rules.
aggregate: object, the aggregate value for the rows and columns.
i18n object The i18n configuration, contains the following items:
fields: the title of the fields region.
filters: the title of the filters region.
rows: the title of the rows region.
columns: the title of the columns region.
ok: the title of the OK button.
cancel: the title of the CANCEL button.
defaultOperator string The default operator on the value columns. sum
operators object The operators on the value fields, available options are:'sum','count','max','min'.

Code example:

//implement the 'sum' operator
$.extend($.fn.pivotgrid.defaults.operators, {
	sum: function(rows, field){
		var opts = $(this).pivotgrid('options');
		var v = 0;
			v += parseFloat(row[field])||0;
		return v.toFixed(opts.valuePrecision);


The events below extend from treegrid.


The methods below extend from treegrid.

Name Parameter Description
options none Return the options object.
getData none Get the loaded data.
layout none Open the layout dialog that allows the user to change the cube at runtime.
toArray rows Export the array data.
toExcel param Export to the excel file.

Code example:

$('#pg').pivotgrid('toExcel', {
    filename: 'pivotgrid.xls',
    worksheet: 'Worksheet',
    caption: 'Caption'
// export with customized rows
$('#pg').pivotgrid('toExcel', {
    filename: 'pivotgrid.xls',
    worksheet: 'Worksheet',
    caption: 'Caption',
    rows: rows
toCsv param Export to the csv file.

Code examples:

$('#pg').pivotgrid('toCsv', 'pivotgrid.csv');
// export with customized rows
$('#pg').pivotgrid('toCsv', {
    filename: 'pivotgrid.csv',
    rows: rows

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