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Include 'datagrid-filter.js' file

Enable Filter


The properties extend from datagrid, below is the added properties for datagrid.

Name Type Description Default
filterMenuIconCls string The icon class of filter menu item to indicate what item is used. icon-ok
filterBtnIconCls string The icon class of filter button. icon-filter
filterBtnPosition string The filter button position. Possible values are 'left' and 'right'. right
filterPosition string The filter bar position accordion to columns. Possible values are 'top' and 'bottom'. bottom
showFilterBar boolean True to display the filter bar. true
remoteFilter boolean True to do remote filter. When enabled, the 'filterRules' parameter will be sent to remote server. The 'filterRules' parameter value is achieved by 'filterStringify' function. false
clientPaging boolean True to do paging on the client side. true
filterDelay number Delay to do filter from the last key input event in 'text' filter component. 400
filterRules array The definition of filter rules. Each rule contains 'field','op' and 'value' properties. []
filterMatchingType string Specify whether the filtered rows need to match ALL or ANY of the applied filters. Possible values are: 'all','any'. all
filterIncludingChild boolean Determine if to include the child nodes when matching a node. false
defaultFilterType string The default filter type. text
defaultFilterTrigger string The event to trigger the filter action. keydown
defaultFilterOperator string The default filter operator. contains
defaultFilterOptions object The default filter options.
filterStringify function The function to strinify the filter rules.
	return JSON.stringify(data);
val function The function to retrieve the field value of a row to match the filter rule.
function(row, field, formattedValue){
	return formattedValue || row[field];


The events below extend from datagrid.

Name Parameter Description
onClickMenu item,button,field Fires when click the menu item, return false to cancel the filtering action.
item: The clicked menu item.
button: The filter button bound to the filter menu.
field: The field name.


The methods below extend from datagrid.

Name Parameter Description
isFilterEnabled none true if the current filter is enabled and false if it is disabled.
enableFilter filters Create and enable filter functionality. The 'filters' parameter is an array of filter configuration. Each item contains following properties:
1) field: the custom rule on.
2) type: the filter type, possible values are: label,text,textarea,checkbox,numberbox,validatebox,datebox,combobox,combotree.
3) options: the options of the filter type.
4) op: the filter operation, possible values are: contains,equal,notequal,beginwith,endwith,less,lessorequal,greater,greaterorequal.

Code examples

$('#dg').datagrid('enableFilter', [{
disableFilter none Disable filter functionality.
destroyFilter none Destroy the filter bar.
getFilterRule field Get the filter rule.
addFilterRule param Add a filter rule.
$('#dg').datagrid('addFilterRule', {
	field: 'desp',
	op: 'contains',
	value: 'easyui'
removeFilterRule field Remove a filter rule. If the 'field' parameter is not specified, remove all the filter rules.
doFilter none Do the filter based on some filter rules.
getFilterComponent field Get the filter component on a specified field.
resizeFilter field Resize the filter component.

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