Download EasyUI for jQuery 1.10.19

jQuery EasyUI framework helps you build your web pages easily.


  • layout: The icon on the collapsed panel is overlaped by title. fixed.
  • propertygrid: The css style of the row expander will affact that in the detailview. fixed.
  • combogrid: The 'getValues' method returns incorrect values sometimes. fixed.
  • datebox: The 'initValue' method can't apply a new value. fixed.
  • datagrid: The 'sorter' function on the column accepts the entire row as the sorting parameters.
  • datagrid: Add 'hformatter' and 'hstyler' properties for the colomns.
  • datebox: Add 'getDate' and 'setDate' methods.
  • pagination: Add 'onBeforeSelectPage' event.
  • combo: Prevent from conflicting with svg.
  • window: Add 'fixed' property.
  • timepicker: Add 'hour24' property.
  • layout: Add 'stopCollapsing' method.
  • messager: Add 'tip' method.
New Plugins
  • drawer: Allow the user to anchor to the left or right edge of the screen.

Download EasyUI Package

There are two editions of EasyUI package:

Freeware Edition

The Freeware Edition is available under Freeware License, you can use it in any freeware-licensed projects. Download jQuery EasyUI under freeware license:


Commercial Edition

The Commercial Edition is also available under Commercial License, you can use it in a commercial project.


Other Versions

The other released versions of jQuery EasyUI are also available. Click here to view a listing and choose which version you would like to download.