Extend from $.fn.linkbutton.defaults. Override defaults with $.fn.splitbutton.defaults.

Simalar to the menubutton, the splitbutton is also associated with linkbutton and menu. The difference between menubutton and splitbutton is that the splitbutton is split into two parts. When moving mouse over the splitbutton, a 'split' line will display. The menu only display when moving mouse over the right part of splitbutton.


  • menubutton


Create splitbutton from markup.

Create splitbutton using javascript.


The properties extend from linkbutton, below is the added properties for splitbutton.

Name Type Description Default
plain boolean True to show plain effect. true
menu string A selector to create a corresponding menu. null
duration number Defines duration time in milliseconds to show menu when hovering the button. 100


The methods extend from menubutton, below is the added or overridden methods for splitbutton.

Name Parameter Description
options none Return the options object.
disable none Disable the splitbutton. Code example:
enable none Enable the splitbutton. Code example:
destroy none Destroy the splitbutton.