Override defaults with $.fn.progressbar.defaults.

The progressbar provides a feedback of showing progress of an long-running operation. The progress can be updated to let the user know that some operation is currently executing.


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Usage Example

Create ProgressBar

The ProgressBar component can be created from html markup or programatically. Creation from markup is even easier. Add 'easyui-progressbar' class to <div/> markup.

Create ProgressBar using javascript.

Get or Set Value

We get the current value and set a new value for this component.


Name Type Description Default
width string Set the progressbar width. auto
height number The height of the component. Available since version 1.3.2. 22
value number The percentage value. 0
text string The text template to be displayed on component. {value}%


Name Parameters Description
onChange newValue,oldValue Fires when the value is changed.

Code example:

	onChange: function(value){


Name Parameter Description
options none Return the options object.
resize width Resize the component.

Code example:

$('#p').progressbar('resize');  // resize the bar with original width
$('#p').progressbar('resize', 350);  // resize the bar using a new width
getValue none Return the current progress value.
setValue value Set a new progress value.