Extend from $.fn.textbox.defaults. Override defaults with $.fn.passwordbox.defaults.

The passwordbox allows the user to input passwords with nice feedback. The passwordbox protects your password by showing dots instead of the password text. It can display an eye icon to help make sure that you typed the right characters.


  • textbox


Create passwordbox from markup.

Create passwordbox by using javascript.


The properties extend from textbox, below is the added or overridden properties for passwordbox.

Name Type Description Default
passwordChar string The password character to display on the textbox. %u25CF
checkInterval number The interval time to check and convert the inputing characters to password characters. 200
lastDelay number The delay time to convert the last inputing character to password character. 500
revealed boolean Defines if to reveal the hidden password. false
showEye boolean Defines if to display the eye icon. true


The events extend from textbox.


The methods extend from textbox, below is the added methods for passwordbox.

Name Parameter Description
options none Return the options object.
showPassword none Display the real password.
hidePassword none Hide the real password.