Extend from $.fn.textbox.defaults. Override defaults with $.fn.numberbox.defaults.

The numberbox is used to lets the user only input numberical values. It can convert an input element into different types of input such as numeric, percentage, currency, etc. More types of input can be defined depending on the 'formatter' and 'parser' function.


  • textbox


Create numberbox from markup.

Create numberbox using javascript.


The properties extend from textbox, below is the added properties for numberbox.

Name Type Description Default
disabled boolean Defines if to disable the field. false
value number The default value.
min number The minimum allowed value. null
max number The maximum allowed value. null
precision number The maximum precision to display after the decimal separator. 0
decimalSeparator string The decimal character separates the integer and decimal parts of a number. .
groupSeparator string The character that separates integer groups to show thousands and millions.
prefix string The prefix string.
suffix string The suffix string.
filter function(e) Defines how to filter the key pressed, return true to accept the inputed char. Available since version 1.3.3.
formatter function(value) A function to format the numberbox value. Return string value that will display on box.
parser function(s) A function to parse a string. Return numberbox value.


The events extend from textbox, below is the added events for numberbox.

Name Parameters Description
onChange newValue,oldValue Fires when the field value is changed.


The methods extend from textbox, below is the added or overridden methods for numberbox.

Name Parameter Description
options none Return the numberbox options.
destroy none Destroy the numberbox object.
disable none Disable the field.
enable none Enable the field.
fix none Fix the value to valid value.
setValue value Set numberbox value.

Code example:

$('#nn').numberbox('setValue', 206.12);
getValue none Get numberbox value.

Code example:

var v = $('#nn').numberbox('getValue');
clear none Clear numberbox value.
reset none Reset numberbox value. Available since version 1.3.2.