Extend from $.fn.linkbutton.defaults. Override defaults with $.fn.menubutton.defaults.

The menubutton is the part of drop-down menu. It is associated with a linkbutton and menu. The linkbutton is displayed while the menu is hidden. When users click or move the mouse over the linkbutton, the menu will show to allow to click on it.


  • menu
  • linkbutton


Usually the menubutton is created declaratively from markup.

Create menubutton using javascript.


The properties extend from linkbutton, below is the added properties for menubutton.

Name Type Description Default
plain boolean True to show plain effect. true
menu string A selector to create a corresponding menu. null
menuAlign string The alignment of top level menu. Possible values are: 'left', 'right'. Available since version 1.3.6. left
duration number Defines duration time in milliseconds to show menu when hovering the button. 100
showEvent string The event that cause the menu to appear. Available since version 1.5.5. mouseenter
hideEvent string The event that cause the menu to disappear. Available since version 1.5.5. mouseleave
hasDownArrow boolean Defines if to display the down arrow icon. Available since version 1.4.2. true


The methods extend from linkbutton, below is the added or overridden methods for menubutton.

Name Parameter Description
options none Return the options object.
disable none Disable the menubutton.
enable none Enable the menubutton.
destroy none Destroy the menubutton.