Extend from $.fn.datagrid.defaults. Override defaults with $.fn.datalist.defaults.

The datalist renders items in a list. It is a special datagrid that displays data in one column. You can define the column format and style for each rows.


  • datagrid

Usage Example

Create datalist from markup.

Create datalist using javascript.


The properties extend from datagrid, below is the added properties for datalist.

Name Type Description Default
lines boolean Defines if to display the row lines. false
checkbox boolean Defines if to display checkbox for each rows. false
valueField string The field value name to bind to the row. value
textField string The field name to display on the row. text
groupField string Indicate what field to be grouped.
textFormatter function(value,row,index) The text field formater function, takes three parameters:
value: the field value.
row: the row record data.
index: the row index.
groupFormatter function(value,rows) The formatter function to return the group content, takes two parameters:
value: the group value defined by 'groupField' property.
rows: the data rows according to the specified group value.


The events extend from datagrid.


The methods extend from datagrid.