Extension » Portal

Step 1: Create an HTML Page

Step 2: Create the Portal

Step 3: Add panel widgets to this portal


Name Type Description Default
width number The width of portal. auto
height number The height of portal. auto
border boolean Defines if to show portal border. false
fit boolean When true to set the portal size fit it's parent container. false
dir string The dragging direction, h(horizontal) or v(vertical). v


Name Parameters Description
onStateChange panel Fires when users drag and drop a panel.
onResize width,height Fires when the portal size is changed.


Name Parameter Description
options none Return the options object.
resize param Set the portal size, the 'param' parameter contains following properties:
width: the new width of portal.
height: the new height of portal.
getPanels columnIndex Get the specified column panels, when columnIndex parameter is not assigned, return all panels.
add param Add a new panel, the 'param' parameter contains following properties:
panel: the panel object to be added.
columnIndex: the column index to be inserted.
rowIndex: the row index to be inserted. This parameter is available only when the 'dir' is set to 'h'.
remove panel Remove and destroy the specified panel.
disableDragging panel Disable the dragging feature for a panel.
enableDragging panel Enable the dragging feature for a panel.

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