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Usage Example

Create datagrid in html tag
Make it editable

Now you can double click the datagrid row to begin edit operation. You can also set the saveUrl,updateUrl,destroyUrl properties to automatic synchronization data from client to server.


The properties extend from datagrid, below is the added properties for edatagrid.

Name Type Description Default
destroyMsg object The confirm dialog message to display while destroying a row.
	norecord:{	// when no record is selected
		msg:'No record is selected.'
	confirm:{	// when select a row
		msg:'Are you sure you want to delete?'
autoSave boolean True to auto save the editing row when click out of datagrid. false
url string A URL to retrieve data from server. null
saveUrl string A URL to save data to server and return the added row. null
updateUrl string A URL to update data to server and return the updated row. null
destroyUrl string A URL to post 'id' parameter to server to destroy that row. null
tree selector The tree selector to show the corresponding tree component. null
treeUrl string A URL to retrieve the tree data. null
treeDndUrl string A URL to process the drag and drop operation. null
treeTextField string Defines the tree text field name. name
treeParentField string Defines the tree parent node field name. parentId


The events extend from datagrid, below is the added events for edatagrid.

Name Parameters Description
onAdd index,row Fires when a new row is added.
onEdit index,row Fires when a row is editing.
onBeforeSave index Fires before a row to be saved, return false to cancel this save action.
onSave index,row Fires when the editing action on a row is finished.
onSuccess index,row Fires when a row is saved successfully on the server.
onDestroy index,row Fires when a row is destroy.
onError index,row Fires when the server errors occur. The server should return a row with 'isError' property set to true to indicate some errors occur.

Code examples:

//server side code
echo json_encode(array(
	'isError' => true,
	'msg' => 'error message.'
//client side code
	onError: function(index,row){


The methods extend from datagrid, below is the added or overridden methods for edatagrid.

Name Parameter Description
options none Return the options object.
enableEditing none Enable the datagrid editing.
disableEditing none Disable the datagrid editing.
editRow index Edit the specified row.
addRow index Add a new row to the specified row index. If the index parameter is not specified, append the new row to the last position.

Code examples:

// append an empty row

// append an empty row as first row

// insert a row with default values
	index: 2,
saveRow none Save the editing row that will be posted to server.
cancelRow none Cancel the editing row.
destroyRow index Destroy the current selected row. If the index parameter is not specified, destroy all the selected rows.

Code examples:

// destroy all the selected rows

// destroy the first row
$('#dg').edatagrid('destroyRow', 0);

// destroy the specified rows
$('#dg').edatagrid('destroyRow', [3,4,5]);

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