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Create Desktop


Name Type Description Default
shortcutSize number The shortcut icon size. 90
winWidth number The default width of window. 600
winHeight number The default height of window. 300
wallpaper string The image of the wallpaper. null
buttons selector The buttons selector to append to the taskbar. null
timer function The function to return the time information on the taskbar.


Name Parameter Description
options none Return the options object.
openApp app Open an application.

Code example:

$('body').desktop('openApp', {
	icon: 'images/win.png',
	name: 'About',
	width: 400,
	height: 200,
	href: '_about.html'
setWallpaper wallpaper Set the wallpaper for the desktop.
getOpenedApps none Return all the opened apps.


onShortcutContextMenu e,app Fires when the app shortcut is right clicked.
onTaskContextMenu e,app Fires when the task bar is right clicked.

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