Extend from $.fn.validatebox.defaults. Override defaults with $.fn.textbox.defaults.

The TextBox component is a enhanced input field that allows users build their form easily. It is the base component for building other complex components such as combo,datebox,spinner,etc.


  • validatebox
  • linkbutton

Usage Example

Create textbox from markup.

Create textbox by using javascript.


The properties extend from validatebox, below is the added properties for textbox:

Name Type Description Default
width number The width of the component. auto
height number The height of the component. auto
cls string Add a CSS class to the textbox. Available since version 1.5.1.
prompt string The prompt message to be displayed in input box. ''
value string The default value.
type string The textbox type. Possible values are 'text' and 'password'. text
label string,selector The label bound to textbox. Available since version 1.5.

Code example:

	width: 300,
	label: 'Name:'
	width: 300,
	label: $('#label2')
labelWidth number The label width. Available since version 1.5. auto
labelPosition string The label position. Possible values are:'before','after','top'. Available since version 1.5. before
labelAlign string The label alignment. Possible values are:'left','right'. Available since version 1.5. left
multiline boolean Defines if this is a multiline textbox. false
editable boolean Defines if the user can type text directly into the field. true
disabled boolean Defines if to disable the field. false
readonly boolean Defines if the component is read-only. false
icons array The icons attached to the textbox. Each item has the following properties:
iconCls: string, the icon class.
disabled: boolean, indicate if the icon is disabled.
handler: function, the function to process the clicking action on this icon.

Code example:

	icons: [{
		handler: function(e){
			$(e.data.target).textbox('setValue', 'Something added!');
		handler: function(e){
iconCls string The background icon displayed on the textbox. null
iconAlign string Position of the icons. Possible values are 'left','right'. right
iconWidth number The icon width. 18
buttonText string The displaying text of button that attached to the textbox.
buttonIcon string The displaying icon of button that attached to the textbox. null
buttonAlign string Position of the button. Possible values are 'left','right'. right


The events extend from validatebox, below is the added events for textbox.

Name Parameters Description
onChange newValue,oldValue Fires when the field value is changed.
onResize width,height Fires when the textbox is resized.
onClickButton none Fires when the user click the button.
onClickIcon index Fires when the user click a icon.


The methods extend from validatebox, below is the added methods for textbox.

Name Parameter Description
options none Return the options object.
textbox none Return the textbox object. The user can bind any events to this editing box.

Code example:

var t = $('#tt');
t.textbox('textbox').bind('keydown', function(e){
	if (e.keyCode == 13){	// when press ENTER key, accept the inputed value.
		t.textbox('setValue', $(this).val());
button none Return the button object.
destroy none Destroy the textbox component.
resize width Resize the component width.
disable none Disable the component.
enable none Enable the component.
readonly mode Enable/Disable readonly mode.

Code example:

$('#tb').textbox('readonly');	// enable readonly mode
$('#tb').textbox('readonly',true);	// enable readonly mode
$('#tb').textbox('readonly',false);	// disable readonly mode
setEditable mode Set the editable mode for the textbox component.

Code example:

$('#tb').textbox('setEditable');		// set editable to true
$('#tb').textbox('setEditable',true);	// set editable to true
$('#tb').textbox('setEditable',false);	// set editable to false
clear none Clear the component value.
reset none Reset the component value.
initValue value Initialize the component value. Calling this method does not trigger the 'onChange' event.
setText text Set the displaying text value.
getText none Get the displaying text value.
setValue value Set the component value.
getValue none Get the component value.
getIcon index Get specified icon object.